International Mediation Fees

Registration Fee

A non-refundable registration fee of US Dollars (USD) 50 is payable by the party initiating mediation pursuant to rule 6(2)(e) of these Rules.

Administrative Costs

The administrative costs for mediation shall be fixed at US Dollars (USD) 250.

Mediator’s Fee

Sum of US Dollar (USD) 300 for any time spent in mediation below and up to one (1) hour;

Sum of US Dollar (USD) 600 per mediation session. (a mediation session is equivalent to time spent in mediation above one hour and not exceeding to three (3) hours);

Sum of US Dollar (USD) 300 per hour for review of documents and related works.

NOTE: The sum to be charged on mediator’s fee for time spent in mediation above three (3) hours in a day shall be on a pro rata hourly basis at the rate of USD 200 per hour.