Enroll to Panel of Arbitrators

NCIA continuously enrolls arbitrators for listing on its Arbitrators Panel. Below are the steps followed in this process

Step 1: Fill and submit the online Arbitrators Panel Status Application form(Form 1A) or download and fill Form 1A : FORM-1A-Arbitrator Panel Status Application Form

Step 2: Pay the application fee. Click here to download the fee structure

Step 3: Attach all relevant documents including a duly signed Declaration and Undertaking form. Click here to download the form

Step 4: Submit Application

Step 5: The applicant will be notified after a decision is made by the NCIA Board of Directors

Fee Schedule

Application fee (payable once)
  • KES 5,000/= (EAC)
  • USD 100 (NON-EAC)
USD 100 (payable once)
Registration fee (payable once)
  • KES 20,000/= (EAC)
  • USD 300 (NON-EAC)
USD 400 (payable once)
Annual fee (payable annually)
  • KES 10,000/= (EAC)
  • USD 200 (NON-EAC)
USD 300 (payable annually)
Renewal fee (payable once every 2 years)
  • KES 5,000/= (EAC)
  • USD 100 (NON-EAC)
USD 100 (payable once every 4 years)
Account name: Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration
Branch name: KICC Branch,
Swift Code: KCBLKENX
KES A/c Number: 1180828607
USD A/c Number: 1181122961


  • An application for NCIA Arbitration Panel Status may be made by the completion of Application Form 1A set out in the Schedule to the NCIA Arbitration Panel Status Standard and the submission of such form to the Registrar of the Centre.
  • The Registrar reserves the right to ask an applicant for further and better particulars of his or her application and/or the necessary amount of payment in settlement of the prescribed application fee and the current subscription fee.
  • All completed applications will be reviewed in accordance with the NCIA Arbitration Panel Status Standard and any amendments that may be made to it from time to time; and in particular, whether an individual applicant meets the minimum criteria for NCIA Arbitration Panel Status.
  • Within five working days from the receipt of a complete Application Form 1A, the Registrar will either send an acknowledgement of the application to the applicant, or inform the applicant of the outcome of his or her application or, if necessary, request further and better particulars of the application.
  • If the application is accepted, then the applicant will be required to pay the required registration fee and annual subscription fee through the same process undertaken when making the application payments.